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Etihad Food Industries Co. Ltd.

In 2012, Etihad Food Industries Co. Ltd. was established in the Madhatiya region of Babylon Governorate. It set up Iraq’s first and, to this day, only sugar refinery. The sugar factory employs 2000 individuals from a variety of fields and specialties. The factory commenced actual production in 2015, initially producing 3000 tons of refined white sugar daily. This output gradually rose to 4200 tons per day.

In 2016, Etihad Food Industries Co. Ltd. established a factory for refining vegetable oils. By 2017, the factory was fully operational, producing 2000 tons of refined vegetable oils daily. Over time, the factory expanded its operations, and its current daily production capacity stands at 2400 tons of refined vegetable oils. The workforce at the oil-refining factory comprises approximately 1000 employees and laborers.

The company has a 60 MW power plant. In addition, the company also has a substantial fleet of vehicles dedicated to the transportation of sugar and oil. This includes 400 trucks specifically for sugar transport, 150 tanker trucks for oil transport, and an additional 50 trucks that serve multiple purposes.

The company also owns its own dedicated berth at the Umm Qasr port in Basra. This is utilized for the importation of raw materials from overseas.


Our Vision:

We proudly are the first choice of Iraqi consumers, more to come is expanding the variety of our products and customizing them to meet the growing expectations and demands of Iraqi consumers. We closely follow the developments in our field and elaborately apply the latest innovations.


Our Mission:

We take upon ourselves to serve our customers with the premium quality of products brought to our customers from the best sources all over the globe. Alongside with quality, we consider affordability as a key factor for our products.



Etihad <span>Food Industries Co. Ltd.</span>