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Etihad Food Industries Co. Ltd.

Established in 2012 at Medhatya region in the province of Babylon, production started at the beginning with a sugar refinery with initial production capacity of 3000  MT per day of premium quality white sugar in 2015 which extended later on to reach more than 4,000 MT per day currently.

Etihad has established an edible oil refinery plant in 2016 located within the same area of sugar refinery, oil factory started production in April 2017 at a production capacity of 2400 MT of healthy edible oil per day. About 2000 employees working 24/7 within 3 shifts a day.

It is worth mentioning that Etihad Company owns a great fleet of transporting trucks and tankers which are deployed to transport raw cane sugar and raw oil from UMM QASR port to the factories locations. The fleet consists of 210 tracks for sugar transportation and 100 tankers trucks for the purpose of oil transportation, products also transporting end products to local markets.


Our Vision:

We proudly are the first choice of Iraqi consumers, more to come is expanding the variety of our products and customizing them to meet the growing expectations and demands of Iraqi consumers. We closely follow the developments in our field and elaborately apply the latest innovations.


Our Mission:

We take upon ourselves to serve our customers with the premium quality of products brought to our customers from the best sources all over the globe. Alongside with quality, we consider affordability as a key factor for our products.



Etihad <span>Food Industries Co. Ltd.</span>