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Etihad food company

Etihad food company

Etihad Food Industries Company Limited established in 2012 Medhatya region in the province of Babylon, At begining established sugar refinery and started of production in early 2015 and has a current production capacity of 4000 tons of refined white sugar per day, The company has established edible oil refinery in 2016 next to sugar refinery and started of production in April 2017 and has current production capacity 2000 tons of refined edible oil per day and works at company approximately 2000 employees.

Etihad company transporter have 210 trucks to transport raw sugar and 100 tankers to transport crude edible oil from Umm Qasr port to the company, and also trucks transport company products to local markets.

Etihad Sugar refining company is a development project helping to support the national economy toward developing, growth, and fulfill society needs and ambitious by producing national products with very high standards contributing to achieve self-sufficiency.

We are looking to meet our customers’ expectations in quality, delivery time and cost through continuous improvement and interacting with our customers, also we hope to be pioneers in sugar refining domain through our commitment with every new and innovated, this will lead to growth of our company and ensure a harmonious safe environment by spirit of challenging for our employees.