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MOT are still supporting local production

MOT are still supporting local production

The manager of Iraqi food stuff company - MOT ,Mr. Qasim Humoud had visit Etihad Sugar refinery and he said "that we are still supplying the sugar in IRAQI Organized food program to all the IRAQI citizens through local production exclusively and to whole the country ", he said.

He visit all the sections of the sugar Refinery and he listened and watched the procedure of manufacturing the sugar from A to Z and the procedure of transporting and distributing the sugar to the warehouses of MOT and then to the citizens.

He astonished from the high capabilities of Etihad sugar factory , and the big capacity of 3000 tpd.

He visited also Etihad edible oil refinery which is under construction which will providing MOT in 2017.

And he state that the program of MOT to depend on local production 100%.