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3000 tpd edible oil refined by Etihad Co.

3000 tpd edible oil refined by Etihad Co.

After signing the contract with the specialist Belgian company "desmet ballestra " , the board of Etihad went to Krones company in Regensburg city - Germany which is specialist in manufacturing the bottling lines , and had listen and show the progress of manufacturing the FIVE lines that made their contract before.

Knowing that board of Etihad agreed with the mentioned company to manufacture FIVE lines, each line capacity is 45,000 bph.

Knowing that the edible oil refinery comes after the covering of the sugar refinery the consumption of the MOT and all the Iraqi market.

And we think that the production of edible oil refinery will comes true at the end of 2016.
Hereunder , some photos for our lines.